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Morning. I wanted to thank @jdaviescoates again for taking part in last week’s Decentered Media Podcast, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to bring the threads of progressive ideas together in a community media context.

I’m always looking for other people to chat with on the podcast, so if anyone has any recommendations, or wishes to take part themselves, please do let me know.

I’ve been frustrated with the lack of progressive outlook in both community media and the media studies academic community for some time, and wonder if sometimes the whole approach has become too narrow and specialist, designed to suit the needs of academics seeking promotion based on the number of pointless journal articles they produce, and the needs of people who are disempowered and ignored by a media system that is weighted against participation and open access.

Of course, it’s always great to be reminded that there are people out there who are doing good things, I just need to focus on them and help to share their positive activism. Any suggestions of media groups and people who are doing interesting things that cut across the progressive approach?

Rob :slight_smile:

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Hi @RobW thanks for having me on the podcast, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I like to share my list of media co-ops in the UK:

I think The Media Fund list of partners is a good place to look too:

And of course there are networks like the Independent Community News Network:

But I’m not sure how many of any of them would qualify as “media groups and people who are doing interesting things that cut across the progressive approach?”

Have you got any examples yourself of what you mean by that?

Thanks again,

Josef. :slight_smile:

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Cheers @jdaviescoates. Thanks, they are an excellent starting point.

What do I mean by progressive media? Gosh, I’m not really sure at this point, perhaps that’s what might come out of some of these conversations.

Sometimes it’s easier to define these things by what they are not… I’ll have a think and put some thoughts together


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Hi All

I’ve posted a Decentered Media podcast online in which I discussed community organising and leadership with Shim Gooch, Leadership Project Manager at Reaching People here in Leicester, and Nick Gardham, CEO of Community Organisers.

It was an excellent discussion and gave me loads to think about in terms of integrating community media with community development and social value practices.

Nick expressed some interest in a joint discussion with Community Organisers and Better Media - would anyone be interested in exploring that?

I’m also planning the next discussion if anyone wishes to take part, message me, and we can set a date and time.

Rob :slight_smile:

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Definitely! Indeed, Nick and I have been meaning to have a chat on a different (but everything’s related) subject for quite some time, so it’d be really great to connect! :slight_smile:

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