Draft proposal to kick start Better Media

The administrators’ draft proposal to kick start Better Media’s campaigning is as follows:

Contract someone for 1 day per week for 12 months, paid the London Living Wage, to work towards achieving the organisation’s objectives, including raising the profile of media campaign work in the UK. As it stands, there is sufficient money in the budget to cover the costs of this option. The decision could then be reviewed by members 2 months prior to the end of this 12 month period.

In the spirit in which Better Media was set up, we welcome your input, as members and contributors. Would you support such a proposal? What should such a worker’s priorities should be? Do you think this is the best way for us to spend monies donated? Do you have any suggested amendments? Once this topic has been discussed, we will host a vote on our decision-making platform Loomio.

I think this is a brilliant idea. This is so essential with the one-sided news coming out from the established media during this election campaign. Having someone concentrate on this for one day a week is a good way to use the money that has been raised so far exactly to combat the unfair, biased propaganda that we are all subjected to every day.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly given I helped to draft this proposal with @GarethLowe, I also agree with @suelowe that this is a brilliant idea! :smiley:

Today’s balance on our open collective is £4,500.80 and the current London Living Wage is £10.75. 1 day x 8 hours per day x £10.75 per hour x 52 weeks in a year = £4472 so the good news is we can afford this… (especially when we consider that a little more money comes in every month and we obviously wouldn’t pay out 12 months of wages all in one go).

However, how about these for a couple of spanners in the works/ discussion prompts :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. In our orignial How will Better Media work? blog post we stated that:

Once enough people have signed-up to cover the admin expenses the plan is to incorporate Better Media as a formal legal co-op using this set of model rules (for a multi-stakeholder co-operative Company Limited by Guarantee Community Interest Company), and in the spirit of starting as we mean to go on we’ll start using those rules to democratically govern ourselves now too.

So perhaps we should do that first? And then that incorporated body could employ/ contract/ pay the worker?

  1. I also wonder if we might be able to make more impact in the short term (and hopefully sign-up more member contributors in the process) if we used some of the money to get a/ some nice short social media videos published? (taking a cue from the insanely successful Stop Funding Hate campaign who’ve always had excellent video content).

  2. Perhaps we should run a crowdfunder to see if we can match fund our existing open collective budget (we could then afford to pay someone London Living Wage 2 days/ week for a year, or perhaps keep it at 1 day/ week but also get some videos made?)