Is ESL an Opportunity to Encourage New Thinking on Cooperative Economics?

Larry Elliot in the Guardian has written a good piece about the ESL controversy.

“Where the free-market critics of the ESL are wrong is in thinking the ESL is some sort of aberration, a one-off deviation from established practice, rather than a metaphor for what global capitalism has become: an edifice built on piles of debt where the owners of businesses say they love competition but do everything they can to avoid it.”

“The ESL has demonstrated that global capitalism operates on the basis of rigged markets not free markets, and those running the show are only interested in entrenching existing inequalities. It was a truly bad idea, but by providing a lesson in economics to millions of fans it may have performed a public service.”

Is this a moment where we can use the ESL challenge to demonstrate that this form of corrupted capitalism also applies to our media?

Anyone up for recording a podcast about this?