Media Democracy Festival

Save the date for the Media Reform Coalition’s annual event in London:

the date for the next Media Democracy Festival has been set for 14 March 2020. Please save the date and stay tuned for further announcements. And if anyone would like hard copies of our Media Manifesto or Media Ownership Report, let us know by reply.

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The Media Democracy Festival will be held on 14 March!

After legacy media’s woeful performance at last year’s election, #MDF2020 promises crucial discussions on the future and building radical alternatives to a failing system.

Free registrations open next week. Join the mailing list now for advanced notice :envelope_with_arrow:

Hello Joseph,

My name is Pascale and I work for We Own It.

I’d love a hard copy of the manifesto if possible! Is that still possible?

All the best,

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Hey @pascale,

Thanks for asking! I guess you’ve probably worked this out by now but I was just quoting MRC so I suggest you ask Natalie and Tom when you meet them this week!

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Tickets are now available:

Facebook event here:


Last year’s election confirmed that much of the mainstream media has completely failed its crucial democratic role: to hold power to account. From insipid reporting on Brexit to biased coverage of Corbyn’s Labour and from a neglect of climate change to an alarming deference to government, the media - from the tabloid press to the BBC - now faces a crisis of legitimacy.

But whilst many of us appreciate that the media are not fit for purpose, what can be done to change this situation?

The Media Democracy Festival welcomes campaigners, journalists, researchers, students and citizens to engage in discussions on a range of issues - from challenging bias and confronting racism to building radical alternative platforms for a more pluralist, inclusive and democratic media.

#MDF2020 imagines a future alternative media landscape built on cooperative and innovative values that serves communities, informs citizens and holds power to account as it seeks to build a diverse and powerful movement for media democracy in the UK.

Speakers include

Grace Blakeley
Clive Lewis MP
Maya Goodfellow
Hilary Wainwright
Victor Pickard
Faiza Shaheen
Tom Mills

Join the movement for an alternative media future on 14 March