Ofcom BBC Sounds Consultation

The initial Ofcom consultation on BBC Sounds has been published, and they are now calling for a second phase of consultation:

“We plan to address questions about the future regulation of BBC Sounds in our first periodic review of the BBC, and our work on how its Operating Licence should evolve – which will include how the BBC’s online services, including BBC Sounds, should be captured. We are inviting views and evidence from interested parties on our provisional findings by 29 June 2021. We aim to publish our statement in the autumn.”

It’s interesting, I have been using the BBC Sounds app all year, and the only BBC Radio programme I like these days is Through the Night on BBC Radio 3. It’s live classical music performances, with very little presentation. I went to download the latest edition on the app, but the function has been removed, and it’s only possible to stream the programme now. Surely this goes against the BBC’s function to serve under-represented audience who do not have access to streaming data capacity. I tend to download on my Wi-Fi, or the Wi-Fi of a cafe, so I can listen as I’m out and about.

Perhaps we should call for Ofcom to make all content on the BBC Sounds App to be available for download so the user has a choice?