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Ofcom have published their latest update from their Media Literacies network. In the latests bulletin they have a list of media literacies related news from different organisations across the UK.


They also have a section on this year’s Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week

The theme for Global MIL Week 2020 highlights how we can look to addressing disinformation and divides by recognizing our shared interest in improving everyone’s competencies to engage with the opportunities and risks in today’s landscape of communication, technology, and information. In this way, MIL – along with Global Citizenship Education - can aid progress towards the SDGs by equipping citizens with the knowledge, skills, values, and practices to be engaged as critical-thinking citizens in societies. These competencies can empower citizens for involvement in media development, access to information and knowledge for all, and freedom of expression, which all have implications on how the war against disinformation can be won.

It would be interesting to see if Ofcom’s media literacies model could be pushed along towards a media engagement model, as advocated in Taiwan by Audrey Tang.

Beginning in the 2017 school year, children in Taiwan study a new curriculum designed to teach critical reading of propaganda and the evaluation of sources. Called “media literacy,” the course provides training in journalism in the new information society

The Ofcom approach to media literacy is passive and consumerist, and not geared up to empowering or enabling people to produce and share their own media. Perhaps there’re conversations to be had about the one-sided media literacies model with have here in the UK - England for sure, Scotland, Wales and NI might be a little better?

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I could only put two links in the post above, here’s the others:


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Thanks @RobW, I love pretty much everything Audrey Tang says and does, so great to have her name mentioned her in this context :slight_smile:

I’ve also read that Finland have been doing some good work too, see e.g.

The conduct of both UK press and broadcasting during the last General Election (and pretty much everything that’s happened since) would seem to be a stark reminder of why such courses are so badly need in schools (and elsewhere) here too!

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@granville24 did some great work on that for CPBF North aka Media North, see the Election Watch newsletters here http://coldtype.net/MediaNorth.Newsletters2.html

And his collection of comments on ‘The media, the 2019 election and the aftermath’ It’s The Media, Stupid! Details and a couple of reviews available via http://coldtype.net/MediaNorth.html

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