Post-Election Analysis

Hi, there isn’t a discussion or chat category yet, so I’m adding this to the uncategorised topics.

Since the election I’ve been wondering what the best way to respond and adapt to the new political landscape might involve?

I’m going to put some thoughts in a blog over the next couple of days, once I’m settled after the Christmas break. A couple of points seem relevant at the moment though.

First, how can be build an independent and relevant alternative media that isn’t dependent on national policy frameworks? What can we do ourselves, despite our government and national media to build platforms and develop content that is progressive, open and accountable?

Secondly, who do we need to convince and co-opt at a local level to get involved with this process? We can’t wait for the government to give ground on this, or for the opposition parties to come up with a strategy and policy review. We need to be supporting alternatives that are active now, and fostering new people who will have a go at making better media for themselves?

Then, what are the challenges that will be thrown at those who want to challenge and change the way our media in the UK works? What push-back will we face, and who will be doing the pushing?

Finally, what conversations and discussions do we need to foster, and where do we need to host them, in order to build support for people who feel disenfranchised by the corporate media we have in the UK?

If there are forms of discussion, conversation and engagement that are felt to work better than others, it would be good to hear about them, especially those platforms that can guaranteed to operate with integrity and protect participants privacy.

More thoughts to come, in the meantime have a lovely new year.


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Welcome @RobW!

I just created one and adding this post to it :slight_smile:

These all sounds like great questions @RobW, and I guess topics that will be discussed and covered at It’s The Media, Stupid: Post-Election Policies for Media Reform in Leeds on Sat 8 Feb and the Media Democracy Festival on 14 March in London - are you planning on heading along to either of those?

In the meantime, please do share you blog post here once you’ve written your thoughts up @RobW - thanks! :slight_smile: