Future of Journalism Report

The HOL report into the future of journalism has been published today.

“Digital technologies have called into question what journalism is, in a society in which journalistic content takes an ever-wider range of forms and in which it is easier than ever for citizens to act as journalists. This inquiry will investigate how digital technologies are changing the production and consumption of journalism, how journalists can be supported to adapt to those changes, and how the profession can become more trusted by—and representative of—the general population.”

My quick scan so far gives me the impression that this is an ‘insiders’ view of news media. The surveys that are included by Ofcom ask narrow questions, and have a passive, audience-focussed bias, rather than a citizen-focussed approach. The media literacies model is woeful. It’s top-down, expert-led and ignores a participative, empowerment and civic engagement approach.

The competition element is stronger, with recognition of the economic disparity between news organisations and tech organisations. There is little, however, about accountability, transparency or trust, other than an acknowledgement in Ofcom’s surveys that trust levels have dropped.

Much to read and consider. It would be good if we can tack these enquiries and submit a collective response so that we get called to give evidence.