It’s Our BBC campaign launch stunt - A Whack A Mole from Dominic Cummings

To launch the It’s Our BBC campaign, We Own It are organising a stunt. And they need YOUR help to make it happen:

We’ve decided to show what No.10 means when they say they will ‘whack’ the BBC’s funding: a Whack A Mole from Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson destroying the BBC.

But we need YOU to hold banners and signs to show what’s at stake, from Local Radio and Eastenders to Match of the Day and Cbeebies. If we don’t defend public service media, we’ll end up with nothing but Facebook and a Fox News style media, which will damage our democracy and hand yet more power to billionaire moguls.

We need to know numbers so we can plan the event and give you your role. Please email us so we know you’re coming, especially as we need someone to play Dominic Cummings (in chinos and a little scarf)!