Ofcom Consultation: Community Radio - Future Approach to Key Commitments

Ofcom are consulting on the streamlining of the key commitments reporting for Community Radio AM and FM services. According to Ofcom:

Each station is required to provide the service described in its licence, which is based on the proposals it made during the application process for the licence. These service descriptions recorded in community radio licences are called ‘Key Commitments’. This consultation seeks views on a proposal to streamline and simplify the Key Commitments for analogue community radio stations.

The deadline for submissions is 13th June 2024.

The key commitments have been viewed as the primary method of protecting the character of service for community radio stations that serve minority communities. If these key commitments are diluted, will this reduce the social value that is delivered, and will minority communities lose their protections as other services are allowed to vary their content, and operate more commercially?

Any thoughts, reflections and evidence will add to our consultation approach.