Ofcom Plan of Work 2024

Ofcom have opened the process of consultation about their plan of work for 2024.

In relation to media, the plan of work encompasses:

Media we trust and value

  • Audiences can watch and listen to public service content which is produced across the UK and reflects its diversity.
  • A plurality and choice of a wide range of providers and producers competing fairly for audiences.
  • Audiences are protected from harmful content and freedom of expression is safeguarded.
  • People can trust what they watch and listen to – broadcast news is duly accurate and duly impartial, and current affairs content is duly impartial.

Ofcom’s Projects supporting delivery of this outcome in 2024/25 include:

  • Supporting Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) and the Media Bill reforms.
  • Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) relicensing and related work.
  • Protecting broadcast audiences from harm and preserving due impartiality.
  • Monitoring BBC performance and other ongoing work to regulate the BBC.
  • Undertaking a review of the local media market in the UK.

Questions to Consider:

  • Is this a sufficient and justified use of Ofcom’s resources and time?
  • Is Ofcom acting in the interest of all citizens by only working on these issues?
  • Should Ofcom be supporting and developing work in other areas that have not been examined for some time?
  • Are these issues biased towards incumbent media providers at the expense of independent and alternative providers?

It will be useful to note some thoughts and develop our response before the deadline on 9 February 2024.

Hi Rob,
Would you be interested in having a quick call about this Ofcom plan at some point this month? I could do Jan 18th?


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Hi Rowan - yes, that would be a good idea. the 18th is free for me at this point.

Rob :slight_smile: