Ofcom Plan of Work for 2024/25

As ever, Ofcom haven’t taken on board any input about their work plan for the coming year. I do question the point of Ofcom consulting in this way if they are not prepared to engage with different civic society organisations about the priorities for their work?


One element of Ofcom’s work this year is the Local Media Review.

They are undertaking a review of the “local media sector in the UK, looking at the provision, role and value of local media, including how providers are adapting to changing audience behaviours. We will publish the findings of our research on what audiences need and want from local media and set out how these needs are being met across the nations and regions of the UK.”

Has anyone heard about how to be involved in these discussions, who is being invited to take part in them, what the remit is, and how the evaluation will be undertaken?

Hi Rob - I don’t have specifics, but I understand that PINF are expecting to be involved in this local media review. I can connect you to the folks at PINF if you like?


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Thanks @RG94. My suspicion is that Ofcom are focussing on news providers, as this is in anticipation of the Media Bill changes, that are limiting the provision of news for radio, and like the BBC have done, they will use a spurious set of metrics to justify making any changes. Well worth keeping an eye on to see what they are discussing in these sessions.