Ofcom Terms of Reference for Review of BBCs Support for Low Income Groups

Ofcom have updated their terms of reference for how they regulate the BBC. They are including a review of how the BBC serves economically deprived people.

People from D and E groups are often referred to as having lower socio economic status or being from working class backgrounds. They are more likely to be older, unemployed, have a disability or be retired with only a state pension. These groups are highly diverse and make up almost a quarter of the UK population.

This review will use a variety of research and analytic techniques to delve deeper into their attitudes and habits, to investigate what content appeals to these audiences to further understand their relationship with the BBC and its services. As well as speaking to audiences, we will engage with industry and other interested parties throughout the period of our review. This review forms one part of our ongoing regulatory scrutiny of the BBC. Our findings will inform our next annual assessment of the BBC’s performance, which will be published in autumn 2023.

  • A couple of questions come to mind:
  • What contribution do we wish to make to this review process?
  • What principles are we mindful need to be considered?
  • How do we expect to see changes in BBC operations that can be measured and evaluated by Ofcom?

What are your thoughts?

Hi Rob,
We would certainly be interested in co-signing another response to Ofcom if you’re up for drafting one. I can circulate your questions to the members via email if you like?

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Yes please. Let’s get some input from different perspectives :slight_smile:

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