Ofcom's Consulation on the Measurement of BBC Performance

Ofcom is consulting on the way it measures the BBC’s performance, and how it assesses the impact that the BBC’s services have. Ofcom is proposing three key modifications to the approach they take at present:

  1. Removing references to specific data sources from the PMF to ensure the document does not become outdated. This change is aimed at keeping the PMF relevant and adaptable to future changes in data collection and analysis techniques.

  2. Abandoning the concept of a ‘minimum set of evidence’ for each Public Purpose. Instead, this would be replaced with a broader range of examples of the metrics used across all Public Purposes. This change could potentially provide a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of how well the BBC is promoting its Public Purposes.

  3. Expanding the scope of Ofcom’s approach to measuring impact. This change implies that Ofcom is aiming to have a more encompassing and holistic view of the BBC’s performance, beyond the metrics currently used in the PMF.

These proposed changes are part of a review process that began on 25 May 2023 and is expected to end on 23 June 2023. The purpose of the review is to update the PMF, which was put in place in 2017, in order to ensure that it remains effective and fit for the future.

Given the period of change that the BBC is now pushing forward with its Digital First strategy, it would be useful to make a submission to this consultation to ensure that the BBC remains primarily focussed on its public service remit, and does not drift into a quasi-commercial set of independent practices and operations.

I’ll start a thread in the members-only forum on consultations and Better Media responses.