Promoting the UNESCO Democratic Media principles?

I’ve had a couple of conversations recently suggesting that there is not enough emphasis given in the UK to the UNESCO principles of community and democratic media.

I was reminded of when Vinod Pavrala visited SoundArt radio in the summer to discuss the ‘non-negotiables’ of community and participative media.

I was wondering how familiar people involved with independent and community media are with these principles, and what the ‘non-negotiables’ are for people involved in supporting media across different platforms?

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Hi Rob,
Just catching up here after the break. This is interesting stuff - I have never heard any mention of the UNESCO principles in several years of working in UK independent media. Had a quick read, they definitely look like a good point of reference for promoting good practice in community media - and for calling out corporate local broadcasters that claim to function as community media. I will make a note to look at mentioning the principles in our ongoing project to develop a guide for Local Community Media Co-ops.


Thanks @RG94

Yes, they are more extensively identified across the world and less well promoted in the UK. They don’t suit every instance of media, but when it comes to issues of equity and sustainability they are aligned with many projects around the world, which we can learn from and apply here. Perhaps we can do something for World Radio Day, which for 2023 is focused on the topic Radio and Peace.

Rob :slight_smile:

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