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Hi all,
Just a quick post to notify you that I have adjusted the settings of this forum to make the content readable by users who are not logged in. This is in line with our plan for the forum to be an open collaborative space rather than a restricted members-only area. For issues that are just for members, we have our Loomio group, which will remain private to members and will host all membership decision making going forward.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking to contribute a discussion topic or share some relevant information with other people who are interested in media reform, post here, and if you’re looking to deal with an internal issue or put a proposal to members for decision making, post on Loomio.

Any questions, let me know!

Campaign coordinator

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Hi Rowan @RG94

Please can you set the forum back to private for now.

There are discussion points that I don’t want to be available in the public domain but only between members.

We can set specific groups and topics that can be public, but until we have identified which topics and what protocols will regulate these conversations I don’t want my contribution being available just yet.

Loomio is not as easy to use or track for extended discussion and policy discussion as Discourse.

I agree that we should seek to encourage the public to see a selection of our discussions, and thereby encourage them to join, but when it comes to addressing policy and lobbying they are not suitable to be in the public domain.



If we want to use this forum effectively, we need to decide what content will be available for visitors to see, and what is private so that members can organise lobbying and campaign material privately.

To develop policy material, we will need to be able to discuss matters of sensitivity, without it being read openly, while it is being developed, and before any points have been agreed. The policy development process is not easy, and different points of view have to be considered in some detail.

Loomio in my experience is limited to voting on propositions, and doesn’t afford in-depth discussion, with links to source material,

Discourse is excellent at allowing some topics to be seen, and others not. But they need managing, and aligned with user groups. For example, those who have paid a contribution to support Better Media should get access as members to most information (though not moderation discussion), so casual visitors only get to see notice-board type information.

If I want to make information available in the public domain, I usually write a blog about it. I appreciate having a space for private discussions, especially as we are not gathering in person or via regular meetings.

So, @RG94 can we check the process of setting some topics/groups as private to Better Media members only? It may be that some of the past content has to be redesignated to a different topic. And then we can have a couple of open topics that visitors can see, but not interact with.


Hi Rob,
My apologies, I was not aware that there was potentially confidential information being shared on this forum. I see that another admin has set the forum back to requiring login; happy to keep it that way for now.

I think that making use of Discourse’s features to make some topics private and others public is a good idea for a solution to this problem. Unfortunately my work time is limited this week due to works taking place in my flat, but I will look into that process next week.

As you seem to have been the most engaged user of the forum in recent months @RobW, I think it would be helpful for me if we could have a call some time to discuss ideas for using the forum more effectively. If you would be up for that, please email me at and we can schedule something.


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